Grip Par Golf Glove


Adrian Fryer, Fellow of the PGA, PGA Professional

Adrian Fryer, Fellow of the PGA, PGA ProfessionalAny serious teaching professional knows the club face is responsible for over 75%+ of the ball flight direction and its orientation to the path and plane during the swing is key to achieving consistent striking.
In my experience the Grip-Par® glove is the first teaching and practice aid that allows the coach and the amateur golfer to position the hands for desired club face positions and shot shape they are seeking.
Along with the ‘anti slice’ benefits it also improves leverage, lag, connection and reduces over swinging. For the first time the professional can help the student replicate the ideal hold to improve their shot pattern and the amateur can engrain great club face control- It’s so simple and effective it’s Brilliant!  

Sarah Wilson, Advanced PGA Professional

Sarah Wilson, Advanced PGA ProfessionalAs a training aid it helps students understand the benefit of a grip where the top hand stays in contact with the club. Also is a pupil has two faults it can allow the other problem to be dealt with whilst ensuring the grip isn’t an issue

Darren Scholes, Academy Director, PGA Professional

Darren Scholes, Academy Director, PGA ProfessionalI am writing to let you know how impressed I am with the Grip-Par golf glove. I have been coaching golf with a passion for over 25 years now and can strongly recommend the glove to all teaching professionals as a training aid to help golfers of all levels to improve their control of the golf club. I tried the glove myself and felt immediately how beneficial the feeling of a solid grip and controlled transition from the top of the backswing was when wearing the glove. The glove really helps the golfer to maintain control of the club throughout the entire golf swing. It’s amazing. Well done and congratulations on the design of a superb innovative product that will guarantee more fun for all golfers.

I hit the ball further than i have in years