Grip Par Golf Glove

How the Grip-Par works

The unique Grip-Par® (developed in the UK Grip Aid Ltd) strapping system is a specially placed strap that when affixed correctly removes 80% of the tension built up in your hand immediately making the muscles that are used to grip hold of your club work 80% less relaxing you into the grip yet locking you into the desired position for training the desired shot.

For golfers Grip-Par® is the #1 Training Glove for golf and is perfect for the everyday golfer, the junior golfer and the senior player offering its benefits to both the player and the teaching professional in helping students develop further with their game. With its easy to use strap it doesn’t delay the pace of training or play and with repetitive use trains your muscles for the correct grip every time. Can also be used to relieve tension from injury or medical condition affecting your grip (please consult your physician or healthcare professional before use). For the golfer and more senior players with signs of carpal tunnel, sports injury ,arthritis and other grip problems our gloves have been tested by occupational therapists and sports therapists and has received official testimonial as a unique product for rehabilitation for a host of conditions affecting the grip. The Grip-Par golf gloves for training have been R&A approved for competition play for sufferers of such ailments under exception 1 of rule 14:3.

How Grip Par Works

I hit the ball further than i have in years