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The Grip-Par® Golf gloves are the new unique training gloves that have become recognised by PGA coaches and professionals around the world as a perfect tool for the golfer and one of the only aids that can help to shape your shots and improves your grip position consistently.

As a training tool this glove trains you to keep your grip in the correct position for a variety of shots helping the golfer to improve consistency in the swing stroke whilst keeping the club face square throughout the entire golf swing up until impact with the ball resulting in improved accuracy and increasing distance. For the junior golfer the glove teaches and trains the fundamentals of a good solid grip position, by using the glove repeatedly the junior or beginner golfer will over time understand and become natural in the correct positioning of their grip for a variety of shots in either the long game or the short game. Our gloves have been R&A approved for users with a hand ailment or dysfunction due to injury or medical condition under exception 1 of rule 14:3 for use in competition play.

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The Grip-Par golf glove is an innovative rehabilitation and training aid specific to the sport. It enhances the stability of the hand and reduces the tension on the tendons in the wrist and hand.

- Gina M Riccio - IIST VCTC ITEC Sports Injury Therapist

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